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Explained : Recalling of OLA and Okinawa Recalling electric scooter

Recently OLA and Okinawa recalled many electric scooters, Many readers doesn’t know what actually means by Recalling? We are going to explain it

Okinawa and Ola Recalling vehicle doesn’t means that they are gonna take back the vehicle and replace it, they are calling customers to take their vehicles to nearby service station to get a full checkup of the vehicle. Wiring components will be checked, loose connection will be checked. And then vehicle will be returned to customer. Customer will not have to pay anything for this checkup. if any part need to replace which may trigger fire it will be on company expenses.

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How to take care of Lithium battery , saving it from catching fire

Recently there has been many cases regarding lithium battery catching up the fire in India. Lithium battery is sensitive battery which can catch the fire easily in many cases. Today we are going to discuss about the common factor which caused this.

Lithium battery have high discharging and charging rate, so wire and socket connected to the battery should be of High quality, low quality wire and socket wont stand the high current which will cause short circuit and can lead to fire.

In high temperature areas, battery need more precautions. Do not charge the battery under the sun. Try to charge it under a cool palace.

Buy lithium battery of a trusted brand only. Which will have a Good BMS in the battery. A good BMS can lower the chance of fire by 60%.

Lithium battery in the vehicle should be fitted good, so it doesn’t move jump itself which may cause inner damage. If you have removable battery in the bike. Removing and installation should be gently. Place the battery on the ground for charge gently.
All above methods will save the battery at least by 80-90% from getting Fire. You can ask us any question related to the battery we will be happy to answer those.

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Common issues in dual battery bike Hero Electric Optima

Hello everyone.
Today we are goind to discuss about Common issues in Dual battery bike optima from Hero Electric. Hero Electric Dual Battery Optima is famous for its low price(in same segment) and 150+KM per charge running. We have seen sudden spikes in demand of this vehicle from last year.
Here is common issues in this bike which may occure to you also and how to solve them:

1. Battery switch Button not working: This issue happens in almost in 15% vehicles. This issue can be caused by two factors, One of the battery wire is not connected, in this case when you switch only one of the battery will work. however you can’t do it home, as it will need some labour work by opening the seat below cover and connect the wire. The 2nd factor is Relay is not working it will need replacement. Hero electric provides warranty on this part.

2. Vehicle is not turning on: This may cause due to MCB trip, Please check the MCB first. iF this not working try to switch battery socket under seat.

3. Vehicle is on but throttle not working or motor not moving: Turn on the Vehicle, turn off the lights. Check if rear light is on or off, if its still on then check for brake lever, push back brake lever, this will work. Other case, turn on the lights check if rear light is on or off, in case rear light is not turning on, Rear bulb got fused, you will need to change the bulb/ remove the socket of rear light/ remove the socket of converter.

4. Charger socket issue: There is a lot issue in the charger socket due to poor design and quality, however there is 3 years warranty on the charger so you don’t need to worry about it. Still Hero Electric need to improve the quality of Charger socket.

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Hero electric raised its electric scooter price after record high time demand.

Hero electric ludhiana based manufacturer of electric scooter increased its electric scooter price twice this year. As we talked with some dealers they said hero electric price increase is a normal process which happens every year two times.

We have seen sudden increase demand of electric vehicle after center govt increase its subsidy by double. Many state govt also providing subsidy on electric vehicle.
Hero electric model optima HS 500 ER which is known as Optima HX dual battery by consumers, price is increased by INR 11,100. However we have to see if there will be any new feature or significant improvements. Prices of all other models also increased.

There is a high demand of this scooter but increase of price we still don’t understand. This step may lower the demand of this scooter, and people may be move to OLA and ather or other companies vehicle.

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6 Things You Need to Know about Hero MotoCorp’s Entry to the Electric Scooter Market

On 21st April Hero MotoCorp announced that they are going to partner with Taiwanese company Gogoro to accelerate transformation to electric mobility in India. Along with Gogoro Inc. Hero MotoCorp is going to build a network for battery swapping in India. Later on they will also be collaborating for research and development and manufacturing of Electronic Scooters. Here are the top 6 things you need to know about Hero MotoCorp’s entry to the Electric Scooter market.

Is Hero MotoCorp launching their own Electric Scooter

Hero branded Electric Scooters are coming soon

Yes! Hero MotoCorp collaborated with Gogoro to bring “Hero branded powered by Gogoro Network” Electric Scooters to the market. The vehicles will come with Hero MotoCorp branding and the batteries will be provided by Gogoro.

What is Gogoro Inc.

Gogoro Headquarters in Taiwan

Gogoro is a Taiwanese company founded in 2011 that expertised in battery swapping services. They have “more than 375,000 riders and 2,000 battery swapping stations, managing 265,000 daily battery swaps with more than 174 million total battery swaps to date.”

When will Hero MotoCorp launch the Electric Scooter

Dr. Pawan Munjal, Chairman and CEO, Hero MotoCorp

The launch date for Hero MotoCorp branded powered by Gogoro Network Electric Scooters have yet not been revealed but experts are suggesting that the first lot may roll out before Diwali this year.

In which cities Hero MotoCorp’s battery swapping service will be available

Gogoro’s battery swapping station in Taiwan

It is expected that the company will initially start the service in a handful of the tier one cities like Bangalore, New Delhi, Mumbai. Later on the service will be available for customers in tier two cities. It is also rumoured that Hero will use its existing distribution network to sell the Ebikes and provide the battery swapping service.

What is the battery details of Hero MotoCorp Gogoro batteries

Gogoro uses LiFePo4 battery technology

The company offers Lithium Ferro Phosphate batteries for their Ebikes in Taiwan with 50kmph speed and 110km of range. It charges within 2.5 Hrs in the Gogoro charging station. The company is expected to put forward batteries with similar features in India.

Should I buy a Hero MotoCorp Gogoro Electric Scooter

In my opinion you may want to skip this product. There are a few reasons. 

First of all, the battery swapping service will be available on a monthly subscription basis. If you do not travel for more than 40 kilometres a day then there is no point to pay a monthly subscription fee for swapping batteries. You can purchase an Ebike with a preloaded high quality Lithium Phosphate battery that will last you for more than 5 years. This way you can reduce your average costing. 

Secondly, we have seen top brands launching their electric two wheelers at an exorbitant price. Sometimes the products do not fully justify the price. I do not feel Hero is going to break this tradition. Their products will be costlier. You can easily get a similar product for less consideration.

Next, it will take Hero years before they can deliver the battery swapping service to the last mile. Waiting that long does not sound realistic at all.

If you still want to go with the Hero Motocorp Ebike I will suggest you to skip the first few variants. Let the products evolve and service stations become functional then you can enjoy a Hero Gogoro ride comfortably.

Till then I am your friend Soumya. Keep following my blog. Subscribe to the newsletters. Share it with your friends and definitely leave your valuable comments.

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As human beings we form emotional attachments with everything around us, even with inanimate objects. Sometimes, that old laggy cell phone is difficult to replace. Or your first computer, sitting in the store room covered with dust, is still dear to you. I remember once I came across a customer who purchased the entire body panel to renew his Ebike. He specifically mentioned that he wanted to keep the original colour and he would not consider an alternative.

With close ties with all top brands we offer body panels for most of the brands. But we do not list these products. But you can use the chat window to enquire about it.

With a motto of relationship building we respect your relationship with your Ebike. We tend to extend that respect to our service.

If you are looking for Ebike parts, kindly connect with us. We will try our best to fulfill your need.

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New Product Listed: IPower 28Ah

As the only online shop for Ebike batteries we have a responsibility to provide our customers with best quality batteries. IPower is one of the industry leaders when it comes to dry cell lead acid batteries. The 28Ah battery is a premium quality battery. It is designed for high performance. And, it is equipped with Japanese International Standard.

We are offering the battery at a discounted price. It comes with a flat one year warranty including bulging coverage.

The battery is currently available on our website to order. We provide shipping all over India. Partial Cash on Delivery facility is also available for your convenience.

If you are considering replacing your dead batteries, IPower 28Ah is a great option. I am providing the link below.

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Sachchidananda Mitra: Jab We Trade

This is a new format of article I am attempting to write. In this category we will tell the stories of how we met our valuable customers. We believe it is crucial for both our employees and purchasers to understand how much Myebikeshop admires relationships. Sometimes, the warmth of bonding overflows mere calculations of the Balance Sheet.

In this article we will hear the story of Advocate Sachchidananda Mitra. He is my father. Yes, my father is a customer of Myebikeshop. In fact, it was my father who introduced me to this great organization.

The Back Story

In the year 2015 my father purchased a used Hero Zeon Ebike from a local showroom. The Ebike came with a set of four AmpTek 12V 24Ah batteries. The batteries were old. As a result, after a few months the batteries stopped working.

Therefore, my father went to the showroom and asked for a replacement. The mechanic at the showroom replaced a single battary from the pack of four. The Ebike worked for few weeks and stopped again.

The Availability Issue

Consequently, my father started looking for new batteries. He went from shop to shop in search of good quality batteries. The price varied each time. The warranty arrangements varied widely with each brand.

I remember my father almost decided to go for the Astar batteries with the 6 months bulging warranty. But the retailer failed to provide the battery even though he assured the delivery initially.

Time was passing by. The quest for good quality batteries went on for over six months. The Ebike was useless at that time. The battery had died completely. As a result, my 64 year old father had to paddle his way to the market everyday on his bicycle. At one point of time we thought that he made a mistake by investing on the Ebike.

A Way Out

After a few weeks my father went online to search for alternatives. After failing to get a convincing offer from other online portals my father bumped onto Myebikeshop. He used the chat window and talked to Gajendra sir. Gajendra sir informed him about the AmpTek 12V 24Ah battery pack with 1 year flat warranty including bulging coverage. My dad asked me to continue the conversation and negotiate a deal.

At first I was cynical. I hardly knew the company. The price seemed reasonable but I could not make out how they were making profit as the courier charges were very high. I asked my dad to wait for a few days till he would place the order.

The Resolution

Next day Gajendra sir called my father and assured that the batteries would be delivered within time and there was nothing to worry as he trades directly with AmpTek. We took a risk and placed the order. Next day Gajendra sir booked the parcel. He provided us the tracking id for the parcel. We waited for seven days. And finally the parcel arrived in September 2016. We installed the batteries and they worked fine for next three years. After that my father switched to lithium batteries offered by Myebikeshop.

Since then my father referred Myebikeshop to several of his friends. He suggested me to join the organization in 2019. With a goal to serve the EV industry I became a team member of Myebikeshop. Since then we have been able to extend our service area in West Bengal and benefit hundreds of customers.


In an underserved market where good quality batteries were unavailable even for adequate consideration Myebikeshop not only delivered the product but also built a long-term relationship that added value to the industry. A transaction that started with doubt finally had a happy ending.

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The Biggest Problem with the EV Industry in India

The word ‘Industry’ carries a lot of weight. In the Cambridge Dictionary ‘Industry’ is defined as follows “the companies and activities involved in the process of producing goods for sale, especially in a factory or special area”. As per the definition of Oxford Learners Dictionary ‘Industry’ is “the production of goods from raw materials, especially in factories”. As we can see manufacturing in a factory scale is the integral part of an Industry. 

A Short Case Study

A glimpse of Bajaj Auto’s Aurangabad plant

The true example of a successful Indian industry would be the internal combustion engine motorcycle industry. We have been able to build the entire ecosystem required to manufacture a motorcycle. The components are mostly manufactured in India by the parent companies or through MSME vendors. Every major brand invests a lot of money in Research and Development. Products are made considering the needs and the demands of the Indian consumers. 

Let alone the manufacturing ecosystem the competitiveness keeps the market vibrant. While companies like Hero Motor Corp, Bajaj Auto, TVS Motor provides Indian consumers with reliable everyday vehicles companies like Royal Enfield, Duke, Yamaha Motors offer products for a niche market. Consumers also get the opportunity to taste the offerings by the International brands like Hayabusa, Kawasaki Ninja and Harley Davidson. The challenge in the market keeps the companies on their toe. They strive to improve their products and services.

The Million Dollar Question

But, when it comes to the Electric Two-Wheelers we hardly find a similar competitive market situation. The innovation is limited. We observe marginal improvements in the products. In many cases even the products hardly varies from brands to brands. The million dollar question is why is the situation the way it is?

The Painful Truth

India imports over 90% Ebikes from China

The answer is simple and painful. We do not have a proper manufacturing ecosystem for the EV industry in India. Today over 90% of the electric two-wheelers sold in India are manufactured in and imported from China. Our EV industry is highly import-dependent. 

It is true that we do not produce most of the raw material (apart from Iron and to some extent Aluminum) required to build EVs. Whether it is copper, magnesium, cobalt, polymer or lithium we have to import all of them if we are to start manufacturing. But on the other hand China does not produce most of the materials either.

Chile is the largest producer of Copper ore, Congo is the largest producer of Cobalt, Polymer is a byproduct of the oil industry. The Middle East and USA currently dominates oil industry. Lithium is produced in the South America. China tops only in Magnesium mining. But we must understand that China invested heavily in the African and Latin American countries. Now they literally own the mines required to dominate the EV industry.

A Scope for Strategic Planning

PM Modi with 54 African Leaders in the third India-Africa forum summit

India is lagging behind despite its cordial relationship escalated through the diplomatic channels. If India needs to shine in the EV era we must seriously consider manufacturing EVs in a sustainable business construct. We must invest heavily in the R&D front as well as build partnership with African and Latin American countries with long-term vision.

Import-dependency not only hikes the price of EVs but also discourages employment by restricting the scope and motivation for manufacturing. When we import the EVs we pay various extra charges such as the profit margin for the Chinese farms, Chinese Taxes, Shipping charges, import duties, transport cost, margin of the importer, Brand, distributor, dealer and the retailer. We can easily cut three to four middleman if we focus on manufacturing.

Optimism May Prevails

With established companies and StartUps seting up manufacturing units in various parts of India I can assure we are progressing. But we are still years behind a well connected EV manufacturing ecosystem backed by world class R&D with modernized MSMEs providing as reliable vendors and offering jobs to millions.

Till then I am your friend Soumya. Please subscribe to the Newsletter and leave your valuable comment.

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Why am I Starting to Write for

It’s been over a year since I started working with Myebikeshop. At the beginning I was a sales agent generating sales via referrals and consulting. Currently I am an entrepreneur. I am incharge of Myebikeshop’s business in West Bengal. Now I have more responsibilities. It is not enough for me to refer or convince customers. I have to provide service, build a distribution network and establish the brand.

While trying to establish the brand I realised a brand is not about what we decide to do. Rather, it is about what we decide not to do. It is not about choosing the right technology, creating the right policies or building the right relationships. It is about excluding the wrong technologies, policies and people. Exclusion is the fundamental premise of brand building.

This notion gave me an opportunity to reflect upon what practices we exclude in our organisation. The answer was simple. We exclude inferior products. We exclude il-advising. We exclude service delaying.

When practicing one of the least practiced habits in the industry that is to exclude il-advising we found that ignorance can be resisting. Sometimes, we have to put a lot of effort to guide our customers towards a superior product against his preconceived ideas. Not to mention these ideas were put in place by our friends in the industry for their own interest against the interest of our valuable customers. We have to actually go against the will of the customers to convince him towards a superior product. Trust me it is quite difficult to convince someone who is convinced otherwise.

Let us take an example. Mr Kumar purchased an electric scooter from a showroom in Purnia, Bihar. The sales agent in the showroom informed him that the E-Scooter comes with the ABC Brand battery. It has a six month warranty. It will last him one and a half years. Then he will need to replace the batteries. When he would require to replace the battery he must get the ABC Battery because it is the best. After one year and eight months the battery dies. Mr Kumar tries to contact the same showroom but they are out of business. He goes out for an online solution. He finds Connect with us via chat window. Asks for ABC Brand battery. We inform him that ABC is not a good brand instead he should use the XYZ Brand. We tell him it is a superior product. He will get a one year flat warranty with bulging coverage. And, the expected life is around three years. But Mr Kumar is resisting. His mind is fixed with ABC Brand. He is not willing to migrate even though it is in his best interest. In the meantime a local vendor informs him that he can arrange the ABC Brand for an increased price. We feel helpless in these situations. Something we lose our valuable customers to below standard products. Often we hear from them after a few months complaining about the product. 

If Mr Kumar was well informed about many aspects of the electric vehicle industry and engineering then he would have had the option to choose his product and seller independently and wisely. But accurate information about the electric vehicle industry is difficult to garner.

This is the reason why I decided to start writing for Myebikeshop. Because, Information is bliss. Information guides you towards your own interest. Information saves you time and money. Information protects you against shams. I shall provide you with the best information on electric vehicles true to the best of my knowledge. I hope you will follow my blog, sign up for the newsletter and definitely comment which topic you want me to cover.