Sachchidananda Mitra: Jab We Trade

This is a new format of article I am attempting to write. In this category we will tell the stories of how we met our valuable customers. We believe it is crucial for both our employees and purchasers to understand how much Myebikeshop admires relationships. Sometimes, the warmth of bonding overflows mere calculations of the Balance Sheet.

In this article we will hear the story of Advocate Sachchidananda Mitra. He is my father. Yes, my father is a customer of Myebikeshop. In fact, it was my father who introduced me to this great organization.

The Back Story

In the year 2015 my father purchased a used Hero Zeon Ebike from a local showroom. The Ebike came with a set of four AmpTek 12V 24Ah batteries. The batteries were old. As a result, after a few months the batteries stopped working.

Therefore, my father went to the showroom and asked for a replacement. The mechanic at the showroom replaced a single battary from the pack of four. The Ebike worked for few weeks and stopped again.

The Availability Issue

Consequently, my father started looking for new batteries. He went from shop to shop in search of good quality batteries. The price varied each time. The warranty arrangements varied widely with each brand.

I remember my father almost decided to go for the Astar batteries with the 6 months bulging warranty. But the retailer failed to provide the battery even though he assured the delivery initially.

Time was passing by. The quest for good quality batteries went on for over six months. The Ebike was useless at that time. The battery had died completely. As a result, my 64 year old father had to paddle his way to the market everyday on his bicycle. At one point of time we thought that he made a mistake by investing on the Ebike.

A Way Out

After a few weeks my father went online to search for alternatives. After failing to get a convincing offer from other online portals my father bumped onto Myebikeshop. He used the chat window and talked to Gajendra sir. Gajendra sir informed him about the AmpTek 12V 24Ah battery pack with 1 year flat warranty including bulging coverage. My dad asked me to continue the conversation and negotiate a deal.

At first I was cynical. I hardly knew the company. The price seemed reasonable but I could not make out how they were making profit as the courier charges were very high. I asked my dad to wait for a few days till he would place the order.

The Resolution

Next day Gajendra sir called my father and assured that the batteries would be delivered within time and there was nothing to worry as he trades directly with AmpTek. We took a risk and placed the order. Next day Gajendra sir booked the parcel. He provided us the tracking id for the parcel. We waited for seven days. And finally the parcel arrived in September 2016. We installed the batteries and they worked fine for next three years. After that my father switched to lithium batteries offered by Myebikeshop.

Since then my father referred Myebikeshop to several of his friends. He suggested me to join the organization in 2019. With a goal to serve the EV industry I became a team member of Myebikeshop. Since then we have been able to extend our service area in West Bengal and benefit hundreds of customers.


In an underserved market where good quality batteries were unavailable even for adequate consideration Myebikeshop not only delivered the product but also built a long-term relationship that added value to the industry. A transaction that started with doubt finally had a happy ending.

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