Why am I Starting to Write for Myebikeshop.com

Dealing with customer issues for over two years I am deciding to write for the benefit of our customers, provide required information and necessary details...

It’s been over a year since I started working with Myebikeshop. At the beginning I was a sales agent generating sales via referrals and consulting. Currently I am an entrepreneur. I am incharge of Myebikeshop’s business in West Bengal. Now I have more responsibilities. It is not enough for me to refer or convince customers. I have to provide service, build a distribution network and establish the brand.

While trying to establish the brand I realised a brand is not about what we decide to do. Rather, it is about what we decide not to do. It is not about choosing the right technology, creating the right policies or building the right relationships. It is about excluding the wrong technologies, policies and people. Exclusion is the fundamental premise of brand building.

This notion gave me an opportunity to reflect upon what practices we exclude in our organisation. The answer was simple. We exclude inferior products. We exclude il-advising. We exclude service delaying.

When practicing one of the least practiced habits in the industry that is to exclude il-advising we found that ignorance can be resisting. Sometimes, we have to put a lot of effort to guide our customers towards a superior product against his preconceived ideas. Not to mention these ideas were put in place by our friends in the industry for their own interest against the interest of our valuable customers. We have to actually go against the will of the customers to convince him towards a superior product. Trust me it is quite difficult to convince someone who is convinced otherwise.

Let us take an example. Mr Kumar purchased an electric scooter from a showroom in Purnia, Bihar. The sales agent in the showroom informed him that the E-Scooter comes with the ABC Brand battery. It has a six month warranty. It will last him one and a half years. Then he will need to replace the batteries. When he would require to replace the battery he must get the ABC Battery because it is the best. After one year and eight months the battery dies. Mr Kumar tries to contact the same showroom but they are out of business. He goes out for an online solution. He finds Myebikeshop.com. Connect with us via chat window. Asks for ABC Brand battery. We inform him that ABC is not a good brand instead he should use the XYZ Brand. We tell him it is a superior product. He will get a one year flat warranty with bulging coverage. And, the expected life is around three years. But Mr Kumar is resisting. His mind is fixed with ABC Brand. He is not willing to migrate even though it is in his best interest. In the meantime a local vendor informs him that he can arrange the ABC Brand for an increased price. We feel helpless in these situations. Something we lose our valuable customers to below standard products. Often we hear from them after a few months complaining about the product. 

If Mr Kumar was well informed about many aspects of the electric vehicle industry and engineering then he would have had the option to choose his product and seller independently and wisely. But accurate information about the electric vehicle industry is difficult to garner.

This is the reason why I decided to start writing for Myebikeshop. Because, Information is bliss. Information guides you towards your own interest. Information saves you time and money. Information protects you against shams. I shall provide you with the best information on electric vehicles true to the best of my knowledge. I hope you will follow my blog, sign up for the newsletter and definitely comment which topic you want me to cover.



  2. Sir can we convert to 48v 24ah lead acid batteries to 48v 30ah LFP batteries to hero electric optima 2015 model any change (controller)

      • OK thank you sir for your valid suggestion , but small doubt controler is 48v 20ah +-.5ah is written can I use LFP 48v 30ah battery. ie 30ah

        • yes sir, controller is not related to the battery AH, controller works according to the battery voltage only. AH means capacity, you can use any capacity battery you want as long as voltage of battery is correct.

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