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Explained : Recalling of OLA and Okinawa Recalling electric scooter

Recently OLA and Okinawa recalled many electric scooters, Many readers doesn’t know what actually means by Recalling? We are going to explain it

Okinawa and Ola Recalling vehicle doesn’t means that they are gonna take back the vehicle and replace it, they are calling customers to take their vehicles to nearby service station to get a full checkup of the vehicle. Wiring components will be checked, loose connection will be checked. And then vehicle will be returned to customer. Customer will not have to pay anything for this checkup. if any part need to replace which may trigger fire it will be on company expenses.

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How to take care of Lithium battery , saving it from catching fire

Recently there has been many cases regarding lithium battery catching up the fire in India. Lithium battery is sensitive battery which can catch the fire easily in many cases. Today we are going to discuss about the common factor which caused this.

Lithium battery have high discharging and charging rate, so wire and socket connected to the battery should be of High quality, low quality wire and socket wont stand the high current which will cause short circuit and can lead to fire.

In high temperature areas, battery need more precautions. Do not charge the battery under the sun. Try to charge it under a cool palace.

Buy lithium battery of a trusted brand only. Which will have a Good BMS in the battery. A good BMS can lower the chance of fire by 60%.

Lithium battery in the vehicle should be fitted good, so it doesn’t move jump itself which may cause inner damage. If you have removable battery in the bike. Removing and installation should be gently. Place the battery on the ground for charge gently.
All above methods will save the battery at least by 80-90% from getting Fire. You can ask us any question related to the battery we will be happy to answer those.

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Common issues in dual battery bike Hero Electric Optima

Hello everyone.
Today we are goind to discuss about Common issues in Dual battery bike optima from Hero Electric. Hero Electric Dual Battery Optima is famous for its low price(in same segment) and 150+KM per charge running. We have seen sudden spikes in demand of this vehicle from last year.
Here is common issues in this bike which may occure to you also and how to solve them:

1. Battery switch Button not working: This issue happens in almost in 15% vehicles. This issue can be caused by two factors, One of the battery wire is not connected, in this case when you switch only one of the battery will work. however you can’t do it home, as it will need some labour work by opening the seat below cover and connect the wire. The 2nd factor is Relay is not working it will need replacement. Hero electric provides warranty on this part.

2. Vehicle is not turning on: This may cause due to MCB trip, Please check the MCB first. iF this not working try to switch battery socket under seat.

3. Vehicle is on but throttle not working or motor not moving: Turn on the Vehicle, turn off the lights. Check if rear light is on or off, if its still on then check for brake lever, push back brake lever, this will work. Other case, turn on the lights check if rear light is on or off, in case rear light is not turning on, Rear bulb got fused, you will need to change the bulb/ remove the socket of rear light/ remove the socket of converter.

4. Charger socket issue: There is a lot issue in the charger socket due to poor design and quality, however there is 3 years warranty on the charger so you don’t need to worry about it. Still Hero Electric need to improve the quality of Charger socket.

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Hero electric raised its electric scooter price after record high time demand.

Hero electric ludhiana based manufacturer of electric scooter increased its electric scooter price twice this year. As we talked with some dealers they said hero electric price increase is a normal process which happens every year two times.

We have seen sudden increase demand of electric vehicle after center govt increase its subsidy by double. Many state govt also providing subsidy on electric vehicle.
Hero electric model optima HS 500 ER which is known as Optima HX dual battery by consumers, price is increased by INR 11,100. However we have to see if there will be any new feature or significant improvements. Prices of all other models also increased.

There is a high demand of this scooter but increase of price we still don’t understand. This step may lower the demand of this scooter, and people may be move to OLA and ather or other companies vehicle.

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How to get 3 years battery Life of your electric bike

The biggest issue in an electric bike is its lead acid battery life. Most of electric bike users failed to get 3 years battery life. This happen because no good guide is available for them. Here we comes with the Guide that will extend your battery life to 3 years, with no extra cost.


Lead acid battery life is solely depend on how you use it and how you charge it. Most of people charge randomly their ebike, which is the first case of the issue, multiple charging in a single day will do only harm to the battery and decrease its life.

What type of charger you use, and how long you charge the battery is also a biggest factor which decide the battery life. First of all anyone should use Branded charger like I Power, Amptek charger for their bike, which are made most perfectly for the battery. 

The question which arise most is, how long you should charge the battery? Most of electric bike user put the bike on charge and forget or wait until green light shown in charger. Trust us you shouldn’t do this. Because this is where battery get over charge and heated. This will drastically reduce the battery life.  

What is the perfect way to the charge the battery?

Here is few points you should keep in mind according to your battery condition

Battery condition Charging time
1 – 6 month old battery  Charge max for 7-8 hours
6 month to 12 month Charge max for 6Hours
After 12 months  Charge max for 4 hours.

Never charge your electric bike battery if its above 50% level.

If you are going somewhere and your electric bike will stand by for few days, then make sure you charge it before leaving it for few days, and once you back, First Charge it and discharge completely then charge. If you have any doubts and question you can ask us here. 


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Hero electric to increase its electric scooter price in next few days

Hero electric is going to increase its electric scooter price in next few days, New prices has been fixed by company, and will be announced in next few days. However Dealers are not happy about increasing price. They said, hero electric scooters are already very costly comparing to other local available electric scooter. Dealers also demanding to increase the margin. Compare to price increase in last few years, total prices increase is more then our margin.

“Rent, worker salary all things is increased, we are paying more to run a showroom then before, expenses are increased, but company still hasn’t increase the margin. Its getting harder to run a showroom” A dealer told us.

Hero electric is giving margin in percentage of price, so when price increase dealer margin also increase.

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Referrers are still waiting for their Amazon coupon from Hero Electric

When I will get Amazon voucher for refer ? customers are asking this to Hero electrics dealer, but they don’t seem to have any answer now.

Hero electric top electric bike company of India now is in the questions for its delays actions. Referrers who were promised by hero electric for 1000/- INR Amazon voucher, are still waiting for it. In ” Celebrate your freedom” Scheme Hero electric promised to provide 1000/- Rs Amazon voucher to Referrer.

On more researching what we found was very sad , In the last hero electric scheme on Rakshabandhan Hero electric also promised same of 1000/- Rs Amazon Voucher, they are also waiting for their Amazon voucher.

Is Hero electric Amazon Voucher just a fake promise?

We ask one dealer of hero electric he told us that none of the referrer got any coupon till now from hero electric.

Company didn’t provide any timeline or information how soon they are gonna get their coupon.


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Praise Okinawa ebike become a headache for its customers

Praise which was the most admired electric bike from Okinawa, When praise was launched it had 6 nos of 12V 45Ah lead acid batteries and range it providing was 120 km per charge. Praise is 72V category electric bike. Everything was fine until 2-3 years when complains started, and Okinawa also realized its mistake. The mistake was having 6 nos of 12V45 Ah lead acid battery. Company later stopped lead acid batteries and start using Lithium battery with 3 year warranty.

Now the customers who bought the praise with lead acid battery is in big trouble, because after 2-3 year of purchasing vehicle they need to invest more then 35000/- Rupees to change the old battery, we gets called daily from such customers, they saying they become the fool, they never thought changing battery would be such high cost. One more thing troubling them is lead acid battery life is only 2-3 years. and new lead acid battery warranty is only 6 month in retail.

Now Praise bike customer left with one good choice is to switch to lithium battery, for this they need to spend more then 40000/- Rupees. No one is happy about it.  Customers still looking for cheap solutions. but there isn’t.

Normal 48V lead acid bike is rather good because cost to battery is around 12-14 thousand only. Okinawa customers saying that they are feeling betrayed,

We will advice such customers to switch to lithium battery is the best option for them now. Here is our Guide on how to switch to lithium 

For new Okinawa customers there is nothing to worry as company changed in previous model of praise and now its equipped with Lithium battery which has nearly 5-6 year of life span.

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Why you must change your electric bike charger now | Research shows

According to our latest research on Dry cell battery which included around 400 users data in last 5-6 years. we found some interesting facts about battery life.

All electric bikes users have a common problem, which is low life of battery, Specially electric bikes with Dry(lead acid ) battery. Electric bike battery life is mostly depend on the charger, an old charger can harm the battery. Most of Electric bikes users changes their lead acid battery in every 1.5 to 3 year, according to our research data.

If you have recently replaced your electric bike battery and using old charger, you should change it now. Here what we found in our research

  • New battery + new charger : 24 to 36 month battery life
  • New battery + old charger  : 12-18 month battery life


Here what we found interesting that some user got more then 40 months battery life, We found our that they have replaced their charger with new after 1-1.5 year due to charger problem. So we are recommending you to charge your old charger with new one.


For lithium battery charger we are still collecting data


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Hero Electric Celebrate Your Freedom scheme

Hero electric is giving benefit up-to 6000 INR in its newly  launched scheme “Celebrate your freedom” for purchasing new hero electric e scooter. Hero electric is one of the top electric scooter seller in India. Company has a wide range of electric vehicle.  This offer is from 13-Aug-2020 to 31-Aug-2020.

This hero electric Celebrate your Freedom scheme is available on All model except Velocity and Glyde.

Hero electric Celebrate your Freedom Scheme:

   This Scheme has two types of discount, One is direct and other is from Referral. To get maximum discount you will need someone who already own the hero electric ebike.

Referral Discount :

If you have any relative or friend who own the hero electric scooter, If he refer you, you will get 2000/- Referral discount, and he will get 1000/- INR amazon voucher. this referral scheme is same for all model.

Direct Discounts:

Direct discount on various model are as following: 

  •  Lead Acid battery models – Rs.1000/- 
  •  Lithium battery low speed models – Rs.2000/-

 Hi-speed models – Rs.3000/-

Bike Model name and discount on online booking

Flash Le 1000/-

Flash Li  2000/-

Optima Le  1000/-

Optima Li  2000/-

Optima E5  3000/-

Optima HS 500 ER  3000/-

NYX HS 500 ER  3000/-

Dash LI 2000/-
Photon LP 3000/-

For refer you need to contact your local/nearest dealer of Hero electric, Referrer will need following documents: Chassis number photo, one photo with your hero ebike, Date of purchase. 

For booking under scheme you have to book your ebike via online portal for hero electric Link : .booking will be online only for this scheme at 2999/- INR