Hero Electric Celebrate Your Freedom scheme

Hero electric is giving benefit up-to 6000 INR in its newly  launched scheme “Celebrate your freedom” for purchasing new hero electric e scooter. Hero electric is one of the top electric scooter seller in India. Company has a wide range of electric vehicle.  This offer is from 13-Aug-2020 to 31-Aug-2020.

This hero electric Celebrate your Freedom scheme is available on All model except Velocity and Glyde.

Hero electric Celebrate your Freedom Scheme:

   This Scheme has two types of discount, One is direct and other is from Referral. To get maximum discount you will need someone who already own the hero electric ebike.

Referral Discount :

If you have any relative or friend who own the hero electric scooter, If he refer you, you will get 2000/- Referral discount, and he will get 1000/- INR amazon voucher. this referral scheme is same for all model.

Direct Discounts:

Direct discount on various model are as following: 

  •  Lead Acid battery models – Rs.1000/- 
  •  Lithium battery low speed models – Rs.2000/-

 Hi-speed models – Rs.3000/-

Bike Model name and discount on online booking

Flash Le 1000/-

Flash Li  2000/-

Optima Le  1000/-

Optima Li  2000/-

Optima E5  3000/-

Optima HS 500 ER  3000/-

NYX HS 500 ER  3000/-

Dash LI 2000/-
Photon LP 3000/-

For refer you need to contact your local/nearest dealer of Hero electric, Referrer will need following documents: Chassis number photo, one photo with your hero ebike, Date of purchase. 

For booking under scheme you have to book your ebike via online portal for hero electric Link : promo.heroelectric.in .booking will be online only for this scheme at 2999/- INR 

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