Praise Okinawa ebike become a headache for its customers

Praise which was the most admired electric bike from Okinawa, When praise was launched it had 6 nos of 12V 45Ah lead acid batteries and range it providing was 120 km per charge. Praise is 72V category electric bike. Everything was fine until 2-3 years when complains started, and Okinawa also realized its mistake. The mistake was having 6 nos of 12V45 Ah lead acid battery. Company later stopped lead acid batteries and start using Lithium battery with 3 year warranty.

Now the customers who bought the praise with lead acid battery is in big trouble, because after 2-3 year of purchasing vehicle they need to invest more then 35000/- Rupees to change the old battery, we gets called daily from such customers, they saying they become the fool, they never thought changing battery would be such high cost. One more thing troubling them is lead acid battery life is only 2-3 years. and new lead acid battery warranty is only 6 month in retail.

Now Praise bike customer left with one good choice is to switch to lithium battery, for this they need to spend more then 40000/- Rupees. No one is happy about it.  Customers still looking for cheap solutions. but there isn’t.

Normal 48V lead acid bike is rather good because cost to battery is around 12-14 thousand only. Okinawa customers saying that they are feeling betrayed,

We will advice such customers to switch to lithium battery is the best option for them now. Here is our Guide on how to switch to lithium 

For new Okinawa customers there is nothing to worry as company changed in previous model of praise and now its equipped with Lithium battery which has nearly 5-6 year of life span.

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