Guide to maintain long life for your electric scooter lead acid battery

What is the biggest problem in an electric scooter? its the battery, if you own electric scooter you know it. In India most of the electric two wheeler operate on lead acid batteries. Maintaining lead acid battery for long time need some precautions. Please note the information we are sharing is based on our own practical experience from last 12 years. it may be different from what your bike dealer tells you.

Here is few things you should keep in mind:

  • Charging Time: Charging battery is the key point for lead acid battery life. 5 hours, is the maximum time you should charge your battery after 6 month of use no more then that. It will protect your battery from being overcharge.


  • Auto-cut Charger: Never trust in Auto cut functionality of auto cut charger, even if its from a very reputed company, because if it miss one time, and you forget to turn off, your battery will be overcharge, and can get bulge too. So as we said earlier, make habit to charge only for 5 hours.


  • Change of Charger  : Always use reputed company charger, don’t go for local cheap charger, because battery is far more costly then charger. Never use repaired charger, and if you can change your charger every year. This will be good for your battery life.


  • Battery charge: Never leave battery in low charging level for more then 24 hours. Always charge the battery when it goes low.


  • Change Battery Series If: If your battery is new, or if you doing it continuously then, change your battery series in every 2 Month. Do it only for 1st year of battery.


  • Do not change battery series If:  Never change series of battery older then 1 year or In case you didn’t change series in last 3 month, If you do you will be in place of buying new battery with in few months.


  • Checking AH with machine: We suggest you should avoid to put the battery on the discharge charge machine. this is no good for your battery health.


Maintaining battery life is not much hard what its look like. Most important things which effect the battery is Over charging and charger. Use 2.7Amp charger for 24-28Ah batteries. and 5Amp charger for above. Never charge 24-28 ah lead acid battery with more then 3Amp charger.


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