How to get 3 years battery Life of your electric bike

The biggest issue in an electric bike is its lead acid battery life. Most of electric bike users failed to get 3 years battery life. This happen because no good guide is available for them. Here we comes with the Guide that will extend your battery life to 3 years, with no extra cost.


Lead acid battery life is solely depend on how you use it and how you charge it. Most of people charge randomly their ebike, which is the first case of the issue, multiple charging in a single day will do only harm to the battery and decrease its life.

What type of charger you use, and how long you charge the battery is also a biggest factor which decide the battery life. First of all anyone should use Branded charger like I Power, Amptek charger for their bike, which are made most perfectly for the battery. 

The question which arise most is, how long you should charge the battery? Most of electric bike user put the bike on charge and forget or wait until green light shown in charger. Trust us you shouldn’t do this. Because this is where battery get over charge and heated. This will drastically reduce the battery life.  

What is the perfect way to the charge the battery?

Here is few points you should keep in mind according to your battery condition

Battery condition Charging time
1 – 6 month old battery  Charge max for 7-8 hours
6 month to 12 month Charge max for 6Hours
After 12 months  Charge max for 4 hours.

Never charge your electric bike battery if its above 50% level.

If you are going somewhere and your electric bike will stand by for few days, then make sure you charge it before leaving it for few days, and once you back, First Charge it and discharge completely then charge. If you have any doubts and question you can ask us here. 


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