How to take care of Lithium battery , saving it from catching fire

Recently there has been many cases regarding lithium battery catching up the fire in India. Lithium battery is sensitive battery which can catch the fire easily in many cases. Today we are going to discuss about the common factor which caused this.

Lithium battery have high discharging and charging rate, so wire and socket connected to the battery should be of High quality, low quality wire and socket wont stand the high current which will cause short circuit and can lead to fire.

In high temperature areas, battery need more precautions. Do not charge the battery under the sun. Try to charge it under a cool palace.

Buy lithium battery of a trusted brand only. Which will have a Good BMS in the battery. A good BMS can lower the chance of fire by 60%.

Lithium battery in the vehicle should be fitted good, so it doesn’t move jump itself which may cause inner damage. If you have removable battery in the bike. Removing and installation should be gently. Place the battery on the ground for charge gently.
All above methods will save the battery at least by 80-90% from getting Fire. You can ask us any question related to the battery we will be happy to answer those.

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