Common issues in dual battery bike Hero Electric Optima

Hello everyone.
Today we are goind to discuss about Common issues in Dual battery bike optima from Hero Electric. Hero Electric Dual Battery Optima is famous for its low price(in same segment) and 150+KM per charge running. We have seen sudden spikes in demand of this vehicle from last year.
Here is common issues in this bike which may occure to you also and how to solve them:

1. Battery switch Button not working: This issue happens in almost in 15% vehicles. This issue can be caused by two factors, One of the battery wire is not connected, in this case when you switch only one of the battery will work. however you can’t do it home, as it will need some labour work by opening the seat below cover and connect the wire. The 2nd factor is Relay is not working it will need replacement. Hero electric provides warranty on this part.

2. Vehicle is not turning on: This may cause due to MCB trip, Please check the MCB first. iF this not working try to switch battery socket under seat.

3. Vehicle is on but throttle not working or motor not moving: Turn on the Vehicle, turn off the lights. Check if rear light is on or off, if its still on then check for brake lever, push back brake lever, this will work. Other case, turn on the lights check if rear light is on or off, in case rear light is not turning on, Rear bulb got fused, you will need to change the bulb/ remove the socket of rear light/ remove the socket of converter.

4. Charger socket issue: There is a lot issue in the charger socket due to poor design and quality, however there is 3 years warranty on the charger so you don’t need to worry about it. Still Hero Electric need to improve the quality of Charger socket.


  1. Hi my hero optima + is working on MSEB power supply but not moving on batteries., as i have replaced batteries also.
    Hemant 9921996007

    • You need to check the connection wire between Controller and Batteries. there is a socket of Red and Black (thick wire) which connect in controller, check the voltage here if voltage is less the 42V then batteries connections or batteries have a fault. If there is no voltage then connection with batteries has fault. For more check voltage in Charging socket.

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