Troubleshooting electric scooter not turning on

Electric scooter isn’t something which can be repaired or troubleshoot any mechanic shop. Sometimes electric scooter consumers get in trouble when there is no service available near by him. There are some common problems we will discuss here and how to resolve them.

Electric scooter not turning on: 

This is common problem many electric scooter consumers face this. Here are some common reason and troubleshooting for this problem

  1. First of all Check MCB which is located under seat. Sometimes due to high load it turns off automatically. Turn back it on. Check the wire connected to both point of MCB, If still no luck, connect the wire direct, If it is a case of Failure in MCB. Bike will turn on.
  2. If above step doesn’t work, Then check the connection of batteries, sometimes if a wire breaks cause this problem.
  3. If still problem not solved, then you may need to do extra work this time, open Front panel of electric scooter, and check the power on of lock wiring, sometimes socket get loose and creates the problem.
  4. Check Controller connection wiring if they are well connected.
  5. If above all fail, Then it may be result of battery dead situation. Get a Multimeter and check the voltage, in case of dry battery check voltage by placing one node at first battery of series and other node on last battery. check the voltage. voltage should be 45V+ in case of 4 batteries, 55V+ in case of 5 batteries, and 66V+ in case of 6 batteries. If lithium battery 48V, 60V, 72V should be there.

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