Electric two wheeler market is struggling with low supply of batteries due to Covid-19

“We need 100 lead acid battery set now”. “Sorry sir batteries are not available”. This is happening now.with every electric bike batteries supplier. Reason “Covid-19”. Suppliers imports these batteries from China. Our sources told us, Its not like supply not coming from china, supply is coming, but containers are held at Port due to Covid 19. Custom will clear the import after disinfection and it is taking much time.

Lead acid electric scooter covers 70% of electric scooter market in India. This is huge trouble for electric bike manufacturers. They have pending orders for electric scooter, but they can’t supply in absence of battery. However Lithium battery supply is still in good position.

We talked a dealer here, he told us that he ordered only lithium powered electric scooter so he got delivery on time, but many other dealer who ordered electric scooter with lead acid batteries having pending their delivery from a month time. This is really a bad situation, due to Covid-19 market is already struggling with low income and here business are being affected due to no or less supply.

A top company employee told us that this situation may be remain same for about 1-2 month.

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