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How to turn your lead acid electric scooter to Lithium powered, Challenges and Myth Busting.

Lithium battery for electric scooter is still new to most of people in India. People are more interested in lithium battery powered electric scooter then lead acid one. those who has lead acid battery operated E-scooter and want to turn it into Lithium powered, there is easy way, 

When come to new things there comes the myth, The biggest point which people don’t know what modification they need to do in their electric scooter. so there comes the myth.


  • Myth 1. You need to change the controller. its a proper lie. you never need to change your controller. 
  • Myth2. You need to change converter. No you never need to do that. 
  • Modification in storage space: there are different size of lithium battery available in the market, all you need to do is choose battery which fit good in the space in your bike. 


As market Grow for lithium battery in India there comes the fraud with it. Many consumers are being cheated by in name of cheap lithium battery. Let us tell you whats happening.

  • A new company comes offer cheap lithium battery and offer 3-5 years warranty and disappear after 4-6 month. what happened? when consumer call seller says company closed. your money went in vein. Actually the people who made the battery still making the battery with different name now. and scam continues

We warned you. so buy battery from a trusted source and a trusted brand battery,

Converting Lead acid e-scooter to Lithium powered

Now lets discuss How to turn your electric scooter to Lithium powered.

  1. pull out your old lead acid batteries from electric scooted
  2. Keep the lithium ion/phosphate battery in place of lead acid batteries
  3. there is two wire coming from bike RED and BLACK(which was connected to the lead acid batteries)  
  4. Connect the wire RED to RED , Black to Black with Lithium battery
  5. You have successfully replaced the battery
  6. For charging you should buy a new lithium battery charger.

buy lithium battery on on lowest price.