Hero electric Lithium 48V28Ah battery

29,000.00 26,000.00 GST INCLUDED

Hero electric Lithium battery top features

  1. 48V28Ah ( at C5 Rating)
  2. Charging time 4-5 hours(with 5/6amp charger)
  3. High Energy density cells with 13S2P configuration.
  4. Battery weight 9.3 KG
  5. Operating Voltage 35.1V to 54.6V
  6. Warranty 2 year provided by Golden Motors Managed by myebikeshop

Seller information: Golden Motors Authorized hero electric dealer.

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Hero electric Lithium battery 48V 28Ah is available now. Provided by ‘Golden Motors’ authorized hero electric dealer. Portable Lithium battery, High energy density cell with 13S2P configuration. 9.3K weight. Works on 48V operated vehicles, easily switchable. Use hero electric Lithium charger with this battery is highly recommended.


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