Astar KIJO 12V28Ah Premium B G battery 5pcs Set for ebike with Full 1year warranty

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Number of batteries in set : 5 (each 12V 28ah).

suitable for any electric bike which comes with 12v24ah/20ah battery pre- installed because of same size.

Voltage total 60 V (volt) (12*5)

Ah : 28Ah each

warranty : manufacturer warranty of 1 year full including bulge. (Warranty replacement with new battery in any case till 1year)

28Ah capacity gives extra range to your bike.



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Astar Kijo 12V 28Ah premium black Gold Kijo Series VRLA Gel Battery is specially designed based on Graphene Technology, which has obviously improve the battery’s capacity, output power, cycle life and high/low temperature performance.

The Astar BG Series provides longer range, largerer power and extremely long life for motive power
applications, i.e. electric bicycles, electric tricycles, electric motocycles and other device require DC
power source.
• Designed based on DZM series Battery with the features of excellent long range, larger power and
extremely long life
• Unique structure of battery container and lid to ensure excellent gas recommendation efficiency, less
gas released so that water loss rate is reduced.
• Sepcial grid alloy material and special lead paste prescription have been utilized to resist corrosion on
plates, prolong the life of the battery.
• Increased positive active material to improve the battery’s initial capacity and service life.
• Redesigned battery container and terminal, more attractive appearance and easy for installation.
• Capacity has been increased 10 – 16%;
• Cycle life has been increased 50% more;
• Low/High Temperature performance has been improved 30-40%;
• Large power discharge capability has been increased 15%;
• Electric Bikes, Electric Scooters, Electric Motorcycles, Electric Tricycles
• Electric Tools, i.e. electric sweeper, electric cooler/heater, etc.
• Other electric devices require DC power supply

Standards of manufacturing

•ISO9001, ISO140


  • • CE, ROHS
  • • GB/T221999-2008, GB/T18332.1-2009

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