Amptek Charger 48V 2.7AMP

2,000.00 1,800.00 GST INCLUDED

Amptek charger for electric bike. Auto cut power after charging battery. Intelligent charger. Best for electric bike battery life.  Output is 48 V and 2.7 Ampere of this charger.

Model number:  EBC 4827

Warranty 6 month managed by myebikeshop


Amptek charger 48v 2.7amp . India’s most trusted charger for e-bike. Which provide best life to electric bike batteries. This works on Hero Electric, Avon Ebike, Yobyke, Oreva E-bike.

Tested and Work on:

  • Hero electric optima plus
  • Hero electric Maxi
  • Hero electric zion
  • Hero electric cruz
  • Hero electric Photon
  • Hero Electric Nyx
  • Hero electric Flash
  • Hero electric wave DX
  • Hero electric E sprint.
  • Avon E scoot 207
  • Avon E mate
  • Avon E Star
  • Oreva E bike
  • Yobyke- Yo Smart
  • Yobyke- Yo Electron
  • Yobyke : Yo Spark
  •  Yobyke: Yo exl
  • Yobyke Yo speed
  • Yobyke Yo explorer
  • Yobyke Yo Style

If you have ebike that is not listed above and not sure if this charger work for your E bike please call us with brand name and model name of e-bike. we will provide you the right charger for you e-bike.

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